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    Mine only likes to eat sunflower seeds� They wont try eating anything else. Is vitakraft hamster menu ok for them to eat? I cant find vitakraft rat menu anywhere.



    i feed them senior dog kibbles..



    Since lab blocks are hard to find in Singapore back in 00 when I kept rats, I recommended mixing Organic seeds, nuts and grains (Rolled Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Wheatgerm, Brown Rice, Wild Rice to list some for etcetc.) as well as mixing some quality brand dogs kibbles (Orijen, Wellness CORE, Taste of the Wild) as well as quality brand hamsters feeds (Harry Hamster, Versele-Laga) for balancing. Please remove the corns beforehand, though.

    I&#;ve spoken to rats owners from overseas and they see no point feeding /just/ dogs kibbles. But they are to be included in the mix as well.

    To top up the nutrition value, I&#;ve included both organic and non-organic vegetables (Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, Xiao Bai Chye, Kailan, Broccoli etc.) as well as occasional fruits (Watermelon, Apple etc.).

    Insects like crickets and mealworms are good for them as well.

    During floortime, I also included peas in a bowl of water for them to fish out as a form of activity and treats. They absolutely love this and it helps cool them off!
    For other forms of treats, I&#;ve also cooked Organic Rolled Oats in warm water then put them into the Ice Cube containers (What is it called, again?) and froze them as a nice treat during floortime; It cools them off as well.

    Also I have given them water-boiled meats like Salmon, Chicken Breast meats. For teeth, Dehydrated meats (Beef, Chicken etc.) or dogs&#; biscuits (Read the ingredients and avoid those with Garlics and Onions).

    If it&#;s possible to get lab blocks, then I&#;d go with those + proper fresh foods as per mentioned.

    I have rats lived for &#; years and I only had out of my rats having cancerous cells. The rest died of rip old age. Of course, the rats previously are much more well bred compared to the current rats, genetically, rats nowadays have shorter lifespan due to overbreeding/ inbreeding.



    I fed them delicate hamster food� So far so good

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