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    hi everyone,

    I chanced upon this forum while looking up veterinary related information. I&#;m a fresh uni graduate who is applying for vet school next year. I am Australian, but lived in Singapore for years since the age of , and much of education was completed there, so I am pretty much Singaporean-raised. From what I&#;ve read, it seems that many of you have concerns about getting into vet school in Australia, and I thought I&#;d share my experience:

    I completed my O&#;Levels with sufficient marks to get into JC, but chose to enrol in SP&#;s biotech diploma as I always had an interest in science and biology in particular. I&#;ve always wanted to be a vet, and thought that the biotech route would be a good start. However, my lack of self-belief meant that I was not able to get into any Australian vet school, no matter how much veterinary/laboratory experience I could support my applications with. Being practical as I was and under the insistence of my parents (who are your typical practical Singaporean-raised sort), I enrolled in a &#;practical&#; Bachelor of Commerce (I also enjoy economics). I worked hard, did well and graduated with good grades, but with a sense of emptiness. I knew that being a vet was what I truly wanted. So I will be applying to UQ&#;s vet school for 00 entry and with the grades I have, am confident of getting in. I want to go to UQ to study vet science because they have a new research project on green sea turtles and that is precisely the area I want to go into after I graduate (wildlife conservation and in particular, sea turtle conservation).

    So, if you have the dream of being a vet and you&#;re not a straight A&#;s JC student, you can always go the diploma route, get into a good aussie uni, complete one year of studies with good grades, and then transfer to a veterinary course. You may be aware that unis in Australia are very much open to accepting applications from students with full-year of Bachelor studies in any field, and that they usually only rank you based on your grade average from this yr of Bachelor studies. So don&#;t let poor grades stop you from following your dreams, pull your socks up and work hard in uni, you&#;ll find that Bachelor studies are much more forgiving than post-secondary education you encounter in Singapore. And don&#;t let the thought of being too &#;old&#; for vet school put you off either. I will be 0 yrs old when I graduate and I think my life experience and uni experience will help me handle what is a notoriously demanding course. There is always a way if you want it bad enough, no matter the obstacle.

    Good luck all aspiring vets!!



    Hi! wow that&#;s so inspiring. well my mum doesnt want me to study in vet science because she claims that I will not have an easy time finding a job in singapore and repaying the loan I have to take if I wanna study Vet science in Australia (about 0k cos I will be paying international student fees?) In any case, is it true that there is not much of a demand for more vets in singapore?



    Hello! I realized it&#;s actually been years since the first post. I&#;ve always wanted to become a vet, but only at the start of this year did I start taking it seriously. I&#;m only and it&#;s probably too early to start planning anything, but I really want to start preparing early and right now, I&#;m pretty much aiming for Murdoch. The sad thing is, Singapore has no JCs/Polytechnic with Veterinary Medicine so I&#;m probably going to take whatever course is closest. However, I&#;m not sure on how (and at what age) I can actually start applying to Australian schools that would eventually lead to being able to find a Veterinary Medicine course.

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