my best friend.

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    its a story i&#;ve writen myself. it just came to me like a random thought and i jot it down. and after completing i think i shall share it with all of you =D please enjoy. *COPYRIGHTED* thanks!

    A lost puppy under the rain by the streets. A young girl sees it and brings him home for some warmth and food. She kept him and they grew up together but as time passes by, the dog gets old the girl gets busy. As years pass by the girl hardly comes back home and left the dog alone, does she remember her dog she once loved and took care of? away from home in the city the dog was left alone, with shelter but no food nor water, what should it do by himself. Days without water or food to eat the dog gets weaker by the minute but still awaits for the girl to come home.. if she rememers. The girl was never found in sight. She has forgotten him and how they had fun togeter, a very long time ago. When the girl finially remembers home and she goes back for a visit. There, in the house, alone the dog was but he was lying on the floor lifelessly. He looked at her with very sad eyes. And he tried to get up and walk to her but with his this body he falls down and couldnt get up. Shocked, she sat on the floor next to him and he lift his head onto her lap. He pants in pain for days without food and water, in a small dusty room. He was dying, the girl clearly knows but as that thought goes through her head. Tears rolled down helplessly and she hug her old best friend. She knew she have done wrong to him and to left him all alone. Her heart started shattering as she sees her friend closes his eyes. He died a peacefull death and in death he still lives in the memory of that little girl he once knew as a friend, his one and only best friend..
    That night he died in that small hut he was in for almost his whole life inside. He had a happy memory of his friend. The girl has forgotten all the good times and all the bad times they had together, that was the cause of his death. For what was left was memories. not a picture or a word, not even a kiss goodbye, the dog has left. left the world and has left her life. She never thought that one day that he would die.
    As the girl brings his body out to the garden she then wished she never had left him all alone in the house. She prayed for him and offered some toys and then she burried the body next to the tree they used to sit under in the afternoons playings with his favourite ball and biten old shoes. A tomb writen, My Best friend. ~ He may just be a dog to you, but to him you are his only friend



    Aww,such a heartfelt story of friendship and loyalty between a dog and a girl. It&#;s kinda lot like the story of Hachi: A Dog&#;s Tale only the owner in the story died before his pet.



    soooo sweet ): i will treasure my pets with this in mind . thanks

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