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    Hi, I want to get a small pet. Thinking of a chinchilla, a couple of gerbils or pet rats.

    I&#;m quite wary of purchasing pets from pet shops.

    So are there any gerbil breeders out there? I&#;d like to find out more about these little animals!



    Haha hi, I realise I might be quite late in replying your post, but just wanted to say I am a gerbil breeder with healthy pups of good temperament available. I&#;ve been breeding gerbils for almost years now and keeping for years before that.

    Gerbils are active and lively creatures with an insatiable curiosity for anything that moves or is new in their environment. If you have gerbils, you often find it hard to take out the food bowl and sand bowl for washing as they all climb in just as you take the bowls out! 😀 And they are voracious chewers and tireless diggers. Some are superb jumpers, some can learn to climb up your clothes and arm. Anything plastic or wood or car will often be demolished within half an hour. Coming from the Mongolian Desert, they are what you might call a &#;desert rat&#; or a &#;kangaroo rat&#;. They drink less water and smell a lot less than hamsters or rats do, because they produce dry, hard excrement.

    They are not yet so popular in SG yet have been around for many years, albeit in very, very few pet shops and mostly sold by breeders. Not to criticize pet shops or anything, but gerbils sold there are often too young to be separated from the mothers, often stressed by the environment changes and look small-sized and oily, and usually lack human handling and are skittish or frightened of human contact in most cases. For those reasons I strongly recommend acquiring gerbils from a reliable breeder.

    If you would like to check out my gerbils and the breeding clan I run, do visit 🙂

    If you are a Facebook user, do visit and like the pages &#;Gerbils Singapore&#; and &#;MerionesSG&#;.

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