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    Ahh I’ve been looking for a forum like this! This forum doesn’t seem very active :s Hopefully some people still come here and can answer my queries! 🙂

    I’m 18 years old and I’ve just finished my A levels. My childhood dream was to be an animal doctor, and I feel strongly about animals and becoming a vet. But unlike some of the posters here who seem to have started out really early (volunteering at the zoo/animal shelters etc. at a really young age) I only started applying to such organisations to volunteer a while ago. :/ So I was wondering, is it very important to have such hands on experience with animals? Will it be an important factor taken into consideration by Australian/UK universities? I heard from my friends that it’s easy to get into vet science Australian universities just with the A level results, but I’m a little skeptical about that though.

    At first I was thinking maybe I could apply to life sciences course in NUS and during that 4 years volunteer regularly at an animal shelter or the zoo and get experience in handling them, but some of my friends say I should just apply directly to the vet schools and not waste my time..

    Also, do I have to take this IELTS test for Australian universities? Or is A level English pass etc. enough?

    My dad doesn’t quite support this idea of me becoming a vet because he thinks that Singapore does not provide enough employment opportunities for vets, only at the zoo, clinics etc., and he wants me to be a physiotherapist or stuff like that. He says a vet is a job for the rich, like as in you can only provide your services in rich countries unlike a physiotherapist/doctor where you can go to third world countries to help them there. But I feel that I would really love and want to work with animals. I think in a way he’s trying to make me find out more about this course first before I plunge myself into something that I don’t know a lot about, and this is an interesting point that I have not thought about before too. What are the job prospects like for vet science degree holders in Singapore? Is it like what my dad says? Please advise!

    Lastly I would like to ask if anyone knows what the AVA scholarship bond is like? I heard it’s more of large animal practice. Do you get to have close contact with animals etc., or is it just like testing pesticide levels (as someone had posted in another thread)?

    Sorry for the large amount of text! >< would be really grateful if someone can answer my questions!

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